It’s been a 3-horse race so far

Welcome to our first blog about our House teams.

On Friday lunchtimes there is great excitement amongst the House captains as they work their way through school collecting house points and adding them up for their teams. They dash to reveal their score to me, anxiously glancing over their shoulders to check that their are no spies from the other teams! Scores have generally increased as the weeks have gone on, which is an indication of how prized a House Point is.

Then every Monday in Assembly we announce the winning team. So far last term, and this, it has been pretty much a three-horse race, with Wentworth and Turnberry leading the way, and Birkdale winning occasionally, so it’s just Sunningdale to get their first taste of glory!

The winning team celebrate with their team chant!

The cup is held for a week by a randomly selected member of the team. Names are put into a Virtual Hat on the screen and the computer selects one at random.

This week it was Birkdale at the top again again, and Joshua in Year 5 got to keep the cup in his classroom for the week.