ACE Houses 2016-17 – Meet the Captains

It’s been a busy half term at Allerton. The most significant thing that has happened for the Houses is that we have chosen our Captains. This took a little longer than usual, as there are quite a few shy and retiring types in Year 6 this year! Eventually eight Captains were picked, a boy and a girl for each House. You will find their beautifully hand-written pen portraits about themselves on the Houses display in the front corridor in school.

Sunningdale Captains – Sairah and Vishnu



Birkdale Captains – Harneeka and Bardia


Turnberry Captains – Kris and Ayesh


Wentworth Captains – Sian and Jai’von


Finally, a quick run-down of points earned so far. In the first half term, as there was a bit of a delay in choosing captains, points were only collected for the last few weeks. Total points for the half term are as follows : –

Birkdale – 2201

Wentworth – 2196

Turnberry – 1980

Sunningdale – 1865

Wentworth and Birkdale have both won twice, so the pressure’s on Turnberry and Sunningdale!

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